Pre-Need Arrangements

Pre-Need Arrangements



If there had been a death in your family yesterday, what would you be doing today?

What is a Pre-Need?


Pre-Need is the planning and prepayment of funeral services before they are needed, often years before death occures.  The complete funeral service is guaranteed at today's price...No matter when the need occurs.  


Why should you consider Funeral Pre-Arranged Planning?

  • Freeze and Guarantee Funeral Cost at today's prices.

  • No More Worry about inflation

  • Pre-Pay complete funeral cost on payment plans from 1-7 years.  

  • Peace of Mind for you and your survivors

  • You Select type of funeral.

  • Completely Transferrable if you move.

Who will benefit?

  • The family who will be left behind

  • Those who know what type of funeral they want

  • Those who have no one to arrange their funeral for them. 


If you would like to discuss Pre-Need arrangements with someone, please feel free to call 713-271-7250 or email.

For more information about Pre-Need programs, please visit website